Gross National Happiness

In Bhutan they take as their measure of success Gross National Happiness rather than Gross National Product. GNH is integrated into government policies and procedures. Although they have big and powerful neighbours Bhutan remains aRead more

25 More Natural Highs

Thanks for all your great responses to the list in my last post. Many of you have said that in these corona times having fun is really important. So here is another list of 25Read more

25 Natural Highs

I had a zoom catch up with a group of training colleagues today and conference today and we were talking about having fun at work.  Sadly lots of us don’t do that.  There are alsoRead more

Finding space for you

Most of us are staying at home now surrounded by our home-buddies. Whoever is in your household, you probably didn’t anticipate spending 24 hours a day with them until the rules changed a few weeksRead more

Different can be good

This year, for many of us, Easter or Passover or whatever your local spring festival is at this time of year has probably been different. It’s likely been not what you would have chosen andRead more

How was your day?

Got up early to drive to the city.  Got parked, had a bacon sandwich before a coaching appointment at 8.30.  Then back to the car aka office for email, a Skype coaching session and talkingRead more

Late night breakfast

Its been really busy. I’ve been working late and getting up early and in danger of not looking after myself.  So I’ve started making my breakfast before I go to bed.  Not eating it likeRead more

The breadwinners

There was a programme recently with clips about families at breakfast. It showed that it can all be such a hubub that the breadwinner can get in such a state, trying to get ready, getRead more

Your bliss archive

“Oh how to describe those moments of bliss” quoted a character in a radio drama the other day.  You may wonder to what she referred.  Well in fact it was watching a film with aRead more

Exhaust knocking?

This week I took the car in to get my exhaust sorted. It was a minor job, took them about half an hour. It had been knocking badly for ages,  I would notice it asRead more

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