Different can be good

This year, for many of us, Easter or Passover or whatever your local spring festival is at this time of year has probably been different. It’s likely been not what you would have chosen and different to how you had imagined it might have been, just a few weeks ago. I’d usually be writing a blog drawing on my weekend experiences of outdoor adventures in the mountains. But at the moment travel to the mountains is non-essential.

We’ve had walks along our local footpaths, many of which have great views to our castle and the Clwydian hills. Its been really lovely to notice the progression of spring flowers, to spot the woodpecker sounding in the old trees and to walk more easily as the mud dries out. Its been different and we’ve also appreciated the sunshine. We’ve carried secateurs and cut back thorny bushes which were blocking stiles, adding a useful tasks to our exercise time.

Our take on “different” is often that it is less than or represents a lack of or an inferior experience. Although your weekend was different there may have been things you appreciated or were different in a positive way for you.

What was good about your different weekend? What did you learn from noticing the good things? What choices can you make to incorporate more of those different and good things into the rest of your life?



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