Tangled Hedge

I was out for a walk a couple of weeks ago and the reasonable footpath that I was on suddenly disappeared into a tangled hedge with no possible means of getting through.  It was frustratingRead more

What are they saying about you?

You don’t really know what people are saying about you until you ask. We can spend all our time wondering, assuming, guessing, anticipating what other people are thinking or saying about us. This leads usRead more

Silver linings

In a coaching session recently I had a client who wanted to finding the positive of being made redundant from their dream job. Here are some of the things they came up with: Life isRead more

You need to get out more

As I’ve been taking more walks recently I’ve noticed that I’m more engaged with what is going on.  By getting out and about you discover things, meet people, see things changing, notice the environment.  ThisRead more

Friends and colleagues

Ain’t it good when friends and work enmesh!!! I was recently in Edinburgh working with a very good friend. We originally worked together a couple of years ago and got on really well. Since thenRead more

How was your day?

Got up early to drive to the city.  Got parked, had a bacon sandwich before a coaching appointment at 8.30.  Then back to the car aka office for email, a Skype coaching session and talkingRead more

The long journey to senior management

Imagine the situation. You have a deep commitment to your work, trained for years, on low wages.  You have a great job, move up through the ranks, involving frequent relocations. Eventually you move up intoRead more

Perfect 10

One of my clients has changed their course evaluation forms.  When participants were asked how likely they were to recommend the course to a friend I scored straight 10s on my last course.  This broughtRead more

Move along the bus

I was on a 90 minute bus journey recently and sat right at the front on the way out. It helps my travel sickness to see where I am going. On the return it wasRead more

What’s your attitude?

This week I’ve been picking up some training for people who are unable to deliver. As I was checking into my hotel I explained the reasons for my trip. The receptionist “So you got theRead more

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