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Have you got the space you need to stop and take stock? Do you know what your next steps in life will be? Have you got the resources and resilience to take them? Join us to achieve what’s important to you.


What are your career dreams? What skills do you need to help you along with the journey? Are you struggling to get a promotion or to change direction? Take the opportunity for a career review.


Is your workplace somewhere women want to work? Are they successful in all roles? Do you promote from a female talent pipeline? Is your gender pay gap reducing? Find out how women can achieve more.


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Positive eating

I've had several conversations with people about food and diet over the last few days...

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The sun is shining!!

Another lovely morning here in Wales, clear and sunny.  I love it when its like...

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Swap humdrum for pleasure

Pete's comment yesterday set me thinking.  He said that for many people taking on food...

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