The sun is shining!!

Another lovely morning here in Wales, clear and sunny.  I love it when its like this and I also like it when its wild and stormy.  We are, as yet, unable to control our weatherRead more

New Year Revolutions

We live in the age of recycling and reusing.  At this time of year everyone is rushing around trying to keep to their new year resolutions or trying to make some up if they gotRead more

Silver linings

In a coaching session recently I had a client who wanted to finding the positive of being made redundant from their dream job. Here are some of the things they came up with: Life isRead more

Believe it will happen

Earlier this week I was chatting with an acquaintance about manifesting.  We talked about manifesting parking spaces and empty roads.  He asked if there was anything else that could be manifested.  During the previous twoRead more

First Impressions

Recently I was away in London for a meeting with some potential new clients.  They are a global organisation and I had just 4 minutes to pitch what I had to offer.  Itss daunting prospect. Read more

Fathers Day Tips

Here are some tips from the Wellsphere Health Portal to help your Dad be healthier. These were put together by Erika Schwartz, MD, a general internist, an authority on preventive health, and a patient advocate.  SheRead more

The long journey to senior management

Imagine the situation. You have a deep commitment to your work, trained for years, on low wages.  You have a great job, move up through the ranks, involving frequent relocations. Eventually you move up intoRead more

Snow bound

What was it like for you the last time you had bad snow, or floods? Did you give up trying to get to work? As I work at home I rarely have that problem, butRead more

Have you lost your spring?

I hadn’t driven the car for a few days then as I set off and turned the wheel under the bonnet it went TWANG! That, dear readers, is the sound of a broken spring. IRead more

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