How was your day?

Got up early to drive to the city.  Got parked, had a bacon sandwich before a coaching appointment at 8.30.  Then back to the car aka office for email, a Skype coaching session and talking to a couple of clients.  The car park attendant thinks I am mad! I have an email reminder that my newsletter needs to be written tonight.

I get a sandwich for lunch then  deliver an afternoon session on Networking for senior administrators in higher education.  Catch up with main client contact after that.  Creep out of the city in heavy traffic, home to a gorgeous evening just before a coaching client is due to call.  I stow boxes of training materials, delivered and left in the porch today.  Just have time to light the fire.  The client is ten minutes late, I decide she’s not going to call, put together some dinner and eat it by the fire.  The next coaching client does call and by this time I have checked and dealt with my email and dealt with email.

Then I prepare all the materials tomorrow’s course, restock the toner,  print then bind a bunch of manuals for next week. I send off today’s invoices. Suddenly its midnight  and I still have to write the newsletter.  Better go and do it then as I need to be up again at horrid o’clock for another day in the city.

This is being busy and self employed. I certainly wouldn’t do it for anyone else.  How was your day?

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