You’ve Got Even More Going For You!

“Everyone has a talent. What is rare is to follow the talent to the dark places where it leads.” Erica Jong What skills do you have? The dictionary says that a skill is the abilityRead more

Tangled Hedge

I was out for a walk a couple of weeks ago and the reasonable footpath that I was on suddenly disappeared into a tangled hedge with no possible means of getting through.  It was frustratingRead more

Lost Words

I remember when I was a child I loved the Readers Digest articles “It Pays to Increase Your Word Power”.  I was always impressed by the words that they listed and I said that IRead more

You’ve Got So Much Going For You!

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” Nora Ephron Wherever you are now on your journey of life, your achievements brought you here and you‘ve also overcome some mistakes. In yourRead more

Who is motivating the motivators?

Are you the one person in your job, household, team, groups of friends that keeps everyone going? Is it you who always picks up the pieces and looks on the bright side? Do you alwaysRead more

Know Your Own Power

“If women are not perceived to be fully within the structures of power, surely it is power that we need to redefine rather than women?” Professor Mary Beard What impact do you have on theRead more

Your unique talents

Some of you may remember an ancient TV series about the police Special Weapons and Tactics team. Well, as individuals, we also have our own special weapons and tactics. So some day when you’ve hadRead more

Uniquely amazing

What makes you unique? What makes you amazing? What makes you uniquely amazing? Its International Women’s Day today. I have worked professionally with so many women who have had little belief in their own ability,Read more

Being pleased

Be pleased with yourself, because you can. Sounds simple but it is harder than you think. How often do you tell your kids, friends, colleagues or partner that you are pleased with them?  You are alsoRead more

Walking to work

I’ve been walking to work.  As I work from home this might seem as a bit daft.  I did a circular walk and was back home in 15 minutes.  I am experimenting to see ifRead more

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