You need to get out more

As I’ve been taking more walks recently I’ve noticed that I’m more engaged with what is going on.  By getting out and about you discover things, meet people, see things changing, notice the environment.  ThisRead more

Inspiration virtuous circle

Recently  I ran the final day (workshop 4) of a Springboard programme.  This workshop is usually celebratory. We heard about everyone’s achievements during the programme and I was really impressed with what the women hadRead more

Friends and colleagues

Ain’t it good when friends and work enmesh!!! I was recently in Edinburgh working with a very good friend. We originally worked together a couple of years ago and got on really well. Since thenRead more

Why are you queuing?

I was at Birmingham International rail station recently, stuck, with no trains going North due to a fatality.  There were huge queues for buses and taxis.  I just wanted to get home. Then I remembered, Read more

Your top team

Who are your top team? They are your board of directors, your trusted advisers, your unofficial mentors and coaches. Even small companies have a team to help set strategy, deal with major issues and plan.Read more

Pets can make you happy

Lots of evidence shows that spending time with pets benefits our mental health. If babies do not get enough cuddles or contact with a carer or parent the limbic part of the brain, involved inRead more

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