Finding space for you

Most of us are staying at home now surrounded by our home-buddies. Whoever is in your household, you probably didn’t anticipate spending 24 hours a day with them until the rules changed a few weeks ago. However many people there are in your home, it may feel crowded at times. Even if you live alone you can feel crowded out by the news, your to-do list, lockdown social media pressure or the demands you place on yourself.

Some of us enjoy the hurly burly of a busy household. For others it can drain our energy and reduce our focus. We can lose ourselves in the roles we occupy – sister, parent, carer, uncle, flatmate and also now also teacher, worker, baker, hairdresser, gardener and volunteer. We all need to find our own space to bring us back to ourselves, refresh and be calm, even if its only for a few minutes each day.

So find some time each day for being in your own space. It could be in a room with others but using headphones to be in your space. Sit on your balcony in the sun and listen to the birdsong. Type “play 20 minute guided meditation” into Google. Even just eating mindfully and remaining in the moment of each chew and swallow will bring you back to yourself.

How will you make space for you today? What activities allow you to forget the world around you? Where is your small spot of sanctuary?

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