Women’s Development

Support for all levels and career/life stages

Is your workplace somewhere women want to work? Are they successful in all roles? Do you promote from a female talent pipeline? Is your gender pay gap reducing? Find out how women can achieve more.

Women’s Development Programmes


Take control of your life, become more assertive and resilient, build your emotional intelligence, and increase your confidence and positive attitude both at work and at home.


Undergraduate and post-graduate women find their place in the world, aim high and learn from inspiring role models. Supported by The Female Lead. www.thefemalelead.com.

Spring Forward

Become a confident leader by defining, communicating and enacting your vision, controlling stress and managing your personal brand. Set leadership goals and create strong followers.

Development Plus

Build confidence, positivity and resilient thinking as a woman approaching or at the top of the career ladder, enhance emotional intelligence and network strategically.


Helps women to be more themselves in any situation, ask for what they need and gain greater respect and autonomy whilst reducing stress and frustration.

Are you ready for success?

As a Diversity or Inclusion Manager or HR/L&D professional you already know that development will make a difference for the women in your workplace and impact the bottom line. I want to work with you to bring that valuable development to those who will benefit most and achieve better gender representation at all levels.  Contact me now to start to change the culture. sue.hewitt@develomenta.co.uk or +44 (0) 7977 072 760.

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