Late night breakfast

Its been really busy. I’ve been working late and getting up early and in danger of not looking after myself.  So I’ve started making my breakfast before I go to bed.  Not eating it like when we were students (cornflakes at midnight) but preparing it so in the morning I just assemble it. I generally have fruit and yogurt with ground up seeds.

What I’ve noticed is that time seems to work differently at night and in the morning.  When I prepare this at night it takes around 10 minutes.  In the morning it seems to take much longer. And that’s nothing to do with me being half awake!

Just making this one really small change to my routine has made a big difference. I feel much more relaxed in the morning and I know I’m having a proper breakfast.  If you want to make changes in your life to feel better, be less stressed or achieve more success, you don’t need to make great big leaps.  Just tweaking things slightly will often take you a long way in the direction you want to go.  It will feel safer to just take small steps too.  And you are more likely to stick with it if its only a small change, rather than lapsing back into old habits.

So what one small thing can you change today that would make a big difference to your quality of life?

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