Personal Development

Support for all stages of your life journey

Have you got the space you need to stop and take stock? Do you know what your next steps in life will be? Have you got the resources and resilience to take them? Join us to achieve what’s important to you.

Personal Development Programmes

Fresh Steps

Reassess your life and career priorities and direction, building on your life experiences and store of knowledge, skills and expertise to set a strategy for future success.


Development for men. Build your sense of identity as a man, achieve better balance between home and work, improve decision making, communication and solution-finding.


Be more yourself in any situation, ask for what you need and gain greater respect and autonomy whilst reducing stress and frustration. Feel more in control and have greater flexibility of response.

Personal Branding

Work out what’s unique about you and how you can express that powerfully and authentically, to support and progress your career or business.

Goal Setting, Priorities, Values and Time

Get clear on what’s important to you in all areas of your life and how you can prioritise your time, resources and attention to achieve success and feel more fulfilled.

Understand your Personality through the Enneagram model

Find out what drives your motivation; enhance and develop the positive aspects of your personality and learn growth strategies for your blind spots.

Language, communication and elevator pitches

Learn to capture your audience in just a few minutes, speak powerfully and positively about your success and ask for the opportunities you seek.

Are you ready to take the next step?

As an HR or L&D professional you already know the value of taking time and space to think about what you want from the future and to prioritise what’s important to you. It pays dividends both in terms of achievement and happiness. You also know it returns value to your organisation. I want to work with you because I know you can help your people achieve more of what they want and build a happier, healthier workplace. Let’s talk about where you can start. Call me on +44 (0)7977 072 760 or email to

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