Resisting progress

Resistance is futile, progress will overtake all of us eventually and we will be dragged kicking and screaming into the present.  As we get older though we frequently retreat under that warm comfort blanket ofRead more

Tangled Hedge

I was out for a walk a couple of weeks ago and the reasonable footpath that I was on suddenly disappeared into a tangled hedge with no possible means of getting through.  It was frustratingRead more

Lost Words

I remember when I was a child I loved the Readers Digest articles “It Pays to Increase Your Word Power”.  I was always impressed by the words that they listed and I said that IRead more


Last night, I cut the work and watched a dvd. It was called Seabiscuit – about a famous US racehorse.  Its a fabulous story about achievement and should probably come with a half tissue boxRead more

Swap humdrum for pleasure

Pete’s comment yesterday set me thinking.  He said that for many people taking on food had become a necessity squashed between all our other committements and had therefore ceased to be a pleasure. I agreeRead more

Positive Practice

Here’s how to get this year off to the best start. Think about some of the issues you had to deal with last year – however large or small they were. See if you canRead more

Let’s Get This Year Started!

Do you start well, hold your ground or sprint to the finish?  Beginning well will influence how much you get out of this year. Last year was very different for all of us, in manyRead more

Eat strawberries every day!

I do, well pretty much every day.  Today I had strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, plums, grapes and pear for breakfast.  Its sometimes a bit of a challenge in January but you can usually find strawberries inRead more

New Year Revolutions

We live in the age of recycling and reusing.  At this time of year everyone is rushing around trying to keep to their new year resolutions or trying to make some up if they gotRead more

Making Dreams Come True

Last year one of my dreams came true. I clipped into my skis outside my back door and skied down into the town. Skiing from the back door is something I’ve waited a long timeRead more

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