The breadwinners

There was a programme recently with clips about families at breakfast. It showed that it can all be such a hubub that the breadwinner can get in such a state, trying to get ready, get out of the door, that they are then in no fit state to even enjoy the bread that they are going out to win.

These clips were from the 1960s but nothing much has changed today.  How many of us are working at such a pitch that we spend our free time with no energy to enjoy that time or do the things that we enjoy. I’m as guilty as anyone.  Sometimes I’m travelling so much I barely have time to unpack.  Someone this week asked me why I bothered having a house.  Good point!

Being out there winning the bread is important.  Be ready to enjoy the fruits of your labours rather than working yourself to a stop.  Recognise when enough is enough and shut the door on work and open the one that leads to real life, enjoyment, recharging and refreshing.

If you are too tired to enjoy enjoy the bread that you have won, when is that going to change? What steps do you need to take to have really refreshing breaks from work? What are you going to do to get work fully out of your mind? How would your work be if you could fully recover from it?

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