Gross National Happiness

In Bhutan they take as their measure of success Gross National Happiness rather than Gross National Product. GNH is integrated into government policies and procedures. Although they have big and powerful neighbours Bhutan remains a haven of difference. You can read more about GNH here GNH is composed of a range of different domain including vitality, health, environment and psychological wellbeing.

I am self-employed as it gives me more opportunity to do the things I enjoy, to run my life the way that I want and I have more freedom and choice in what I do. All of that adds up to me being a much happier person. If I’m not feeling happy then I need to look at everything and make the small adjustments that will restore the happiness. So in a similar way to Bhutan I am interested in Gross Personal Happiness rather than Gross Personal Output. And I have very similar things that I can track and adjust such as energy levels (vitality), environment, health and time use.

What’s your GPH reading today? Which of your domains has a low score? What at needs to change to increase that reading?

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