Lost Words

I remember when I was a child I loved the Readers Digest articles “It Pays to Increase Your Word Power”.  I was always impressed by the words that they listed and I said that I would try to use them in my daily life.  Which I did for a while but after the first day or so I was often struggling to find the right context and my new word generally fell into disuse.


I’ve seen in some magazines similar things around introducing new words titled Word of the Week.  Well here we are going to take an opposite track and make a positive movement on losing words.  I’ll give you ideas for words that you might want to stop using and lose from your vocabulary for ever.


My first lost word is JUST.


You hear people use it on the phone – Hello it’s just me.

You hear people using it to talk down their achievements – Oh it was just something I did over the weekend.  Its just a City and Guilds course.  I just did my best.

You hear people use it to denigrate status – Well she was just a secretary.  I’m just a Grade B.

You also hear people use it to make excuses – He’s just a boy.  She’s just a learner.  I just can’t do it.


Putting just into a sentence in this way diminishes what comes after it.  So simply stop using it like that.  Each of these sentences loses nothing in terms of meaning by removing the word and the result is that what comes afterwards is either unaffected or is enhanced.


So just take it out and either replace it with something more powerful or another word that really means what you want it to mean.  Or lose it completely.  Saying “Hello its me” isn’t diminishing or dismissive.


So watch your words.  Develop more positive word patterns to give you more power and status and also award that to other people.

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