Tangled Hedge

I was out for a walk a couple of weeks ago and the reasonable footpath that I was on suddenly disappeared into a tangled hedge with no possible means of getting through.  It was frustrating as last time I had walked down there there had been a lot of work done to clear the path from brambles and shrubs that had badly overgrown it.  I found the walk very pleasant until I just had to stop.

We had been talking earlier in the day about how many of us are great at setting goals and forging ahead when we are younger but we didn’t really have a vision of what we wanted any more.  We had seen our path taking us forward to success as a trainer or artist or super-mum or whatever but after that the path just stopped.  We could see ourselves being successful but we weren’t quite sure what would come next. It literally was as if our view was blocked by that tangled hedge.

This happens to lots of us as we take our journey through life – we are not really sure what comes after the success, that wasn’t really included in the original plan.  At that point its time to sit down and make a new plan, possibly also asking again what things are important to you now.  I know that certainly those things have changed for me.

I managed to find a way around the hedge and carry on with my walk and as I looked back at it, it didn’t seem quite as tangled from the other side. Once you decide to think constructively about your future its surprisingly how easily the threads can fall into place and looking back you’ll wonder what seemed so difficult.

So what is beyond your tangled hedge?  Where is your success going to lead you?  What is important now that you should be working on?

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