Resisting progress

Resistance is futile, progress will overtake all of us eventually and we will be dragged kicking and screaming into the present.  As we get older though we frequently retreat under that warm comfort blanket of the things we know and trust.  This can be because in our great experience of the world we have found that embracing new stuff sometimes gets our fingers burnt.  You remember that you tried that new supermarket and they didn’t have your favourite tea or any natural yoghurt.  You buy a new phone as I did, only to find it doesn’t do half the stuff that my old one did and the software is painfully slow.

However we tend to dwell on these bad experiences which then causes reluctance to try other new things.  And its only by dipping into that great cornucopia of new opportunities, new experiences, new relationships and new things out there that we continue to grow and enrich our lives.  The brain makes new connections when it encounters something new and an adapting brain is an active brain so by doing new things you will improve your mental fitness.

I have had new software on my desk for months and have been putting off loading it cos I knew I’d have to learn new ways to drive it and it might not work the same way as the old version.  I finally did it about two weeks ago and it has changed my life (sorry does that sounds really sad!).

So where are you resisting progress?  What are the areas in your life where you think you are too old to move on?  What new things are you going to do this coming week to change that?  Where in your life is it time to upgrade to a new version?

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