New Year Revolutions

We live in the age of recycling and reusing.  At this time of year everyone is rushing around trying to keep to their new year resolutions or trying to make some up if they got left out of the New Year hurly burly.  Trying here of course is the operative word.  And the problem with it is that as long as you tell yourself you are trying, that is all you will do.  You will keep trying and possibly never actually succeed.

Its a very plucky thing to do, just keep trying.  Well I say that never mind new resolutions, just recycle the ones that you already have.  How’s that for a revolution!  Well its easy really.  How many times last year did you say to yourself “I really must stop doing that” or maybe “I must remember that when I do X I need to do it that way” or maybe “I really should do X or Y this week”.

So my new year revolution is to advise you to just recycle all of those everyday resolutions that you made at any time last year.  These are only small things and they can make a big difference to your life.  Achieving success in these small things, rather than just trying, will make you feel good about yourself and will spur you on to greater challenges.  And because they are small things they are not intimidating or difficult to achieve.

So get out all those tired old resolutions, dust them off and get cracking!!

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