The sun is shining!!

Another lovely morning here in Wales, clear and sunny.  I love it when its like this and I also like it when its wild and stormy.  We are, as yet, unable to control our weather so we have to react to what it does every day.  Some of us might choose to react negatively and to see some weather as bad.  There is only weather and we get the best out of it by choosing how we react to it.

The same holds true for life. Life happens and we get the best out of it by choosing how we respond to all of its situations.  You will be most succesful with the most flexible responses.  When the traffic grinds to a halt in a big jam on the motorway I choose to see it as an opportunity to wind up the in-car disco, slam some cool tunes on the stereo and dance in my seat (with the handbrake on of course).  That cheers up me (and everyone in the cars around me!).

There is always a different way to be.  Choose your reaction.  Choose positivity.

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