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“Oh how to describe those moments of bliss” quoted a character in a radio drama the other day.  You may wonder to what she referred.  Well in fact it was watching a film with a really good friend in a very comfortable seat with delicious refreshments.

When you seek enjoyment and gladness it doesn’t have to be an earth shattering event. I’ve found joy in the last week in seeing the mountains from the train, a card from a client telling me of their success, a hug from a good friend, some lovely feedback on my newsletter and a short walk with my neighbour and their dogs.   I’ve also really enjoyed some crunchy oatcakes, seeing my junior neighbours careering past on their bikes and a vase of daffodils in a cafe.

Moments of bliss have a great effect on the brain, releasing loads of feel-good chemicals. They also give you your very own bliss archive.  Those memories are stored away and always available to you.  When you think about those past joyful events your brain also produces feel-good chemicals.  So a moment of bliss is actually forever, filed for access whenever you want to re-create that feeling of joy, gladness and happiness.

What moments of bliss have you enjoyed this week?  What archive moments of bliss can you re-create today?

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