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I got a note from a new subscriber tonight who is searching for her authentic self.  This is a fascinating journey that many of us never take.  However we all have those uncomfortable moments when we know that what we are doing or saying or being involved with just isn’t right.  If it feel like its not true to yourself then it probably isn’t.  Its a great one to trust your gut instinct on.

Its all about integrity.  Many of you know what a health nut I am.  I have never smoked and I was talking a couple of years ago with some people about doing some training work with one of the big tobacco companies and this really caused me a lot of soul searching.  My health principles would say that I should not be involved with that sort of organisation.  Yet observing my values of freedom and choice and giving everyone a chance to reach their full potential meant that I could see that the women there had a need for my programmes.

Finding your authentic self will give you so much more energy.  Its a really positive step to take as you will be more aligned with your values.  So when you are getting that uncomfortable feeling ask yourself “Is this really me?”  “Given free will would I make this decision in this way?” “What does the real me really want here?”

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