Who is motivating the motivators?

Are you the one person in your job, household, team, groups of friends that keeps everyone going? Is it you who always picks up the pieces and looks on the bright side? Do you always have the answer to problems and a good idea along the way?  If so well done!  Give yoursef a pat on the back.

Now, who is looking after you? All of that motivation and support uses up energy, you need to be nurtured too.  You need a way to feel good so that you can share all that good stuff with everyone else. So who is motivating the motivators?

I ask myself that question. And right now, late on Sunday night, its my friend Robo from the States and we are chatting via messenger. I haven’t heard from him in ages and its great to catch up. He is reminding me that life is a great giggle and its hard to be serious with him for more than about 5 seconds. That certianly renews my energy. How is your energy  getting topped up?

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