What makes your life good?

I remember and advert for the electrical brand LG. Their strap line is life’s good with LG. There advert was about what’s making you life good at the moment. I thought what a good question that was. How would you feel if you asked yourself that question more often?

So instead of dwelling on what is bad, spend more time remembering what is good. By doing that you’ll feel generally happier and more positive. You’ll also be more grateful even for the small things that are good. So instead of whinging and worrying about the cost of food going up, remember that last week you found a chocolate bar the pocket of a jacket you haven’t used for a while. Instead of moaning about the fact that the buses never come on time and they are always full, be glad that you’ve recently found a short cut that means you can get to the office 2 minutes faster. Instead of thinking about the great piles of work on your desk remember that you’ve got a stack of holiday brochures on the coffee table at home, just waiting for you to browse this evening.

Go for it – you know that you can ask these useful questions. What’s making your life good today? What could make it even better? When will you take action on that?

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