The crows

The birds in the garden are thronging around my recently filled feeders this morning.  There are about 35 chaffinches (which are my sparrow equivalent) along with the usual array of blue, great and coal tits, greenfinches, siskins, nuthatches and the woodpeckers.  Woodpecker01_low Here is a shot of one of my woodpeckers at the nut feeder.  Thanks Pete for sending this over.  We also get visitations from jackdaws and crows.  The crows don’t stay on the ground for long, they are very nervous and fly away if I move about behind the windows.  This always surprises me as they are the biggest of the birds that visit (apart from the one time that a peregrine was strutting around the lawn).

Despite its shyness the sheer size of the crow makes all the other birds fly off when it lands.  This just serves to remind me that appearances are deceptive.  We all assume that the crow will be powerful and confident because of  its size.  We are all fooled by appearances to some extent.  Remind yourself of this when you are going into new or difficult situations.  If you land the way the crow does, with an air of command and presence, then you’ll convince everyone around you that you know what you are talking about and are a force to be reckoned with.

Remember that projecting an outer positive self helps us to maintain our inner confidence and resolve.  Your insides may be churning, squirming or filled with butterflies but no-one around you can see that.  They can just see that calm, confident self assured outer self that you are projecting.  Try it today.

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