The back roads

I was driving across to my nearest town on Saturday to collect some great pictures that I’d had framed and I went the back way.  I chose the small winding road that travels along Hadrians Wall rather than racing along the main road.  Its about the same distance and a much more relaxing and interesting drive.  I get to see the abbey at Lanercost, the roman fort at Birdoswald, the tranquil River Irthing tumbling though the valley.

As I drove I reflected that in our grey and forbidding future we may be forced to all drive on the main roads because the back roads have fallen into disrepair when everyone wants to go faster, quicker more directly.  The same thing happens with pathways in your brain and your skills.  If you don’t use those pathways that are conencted with all the things that you can do then they too fall into disrepair and get overgrown by the moss and grass of your sidelined future.  If you make a positive effort to keep using all those pathways then you will continue to have limitless possibilities.

So what are the back roads that you have been neglecting?  Where are those shady lanes down which you have not taken your thought processes for years?  Do you need a map now even to remember the way back to some old ideas, old feelings, old experiences.  Get out on those back roads of your brain every day and keep the neuronal traffic flowing.

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