Swap humdrum for pleasure

Pete’s comment yesterday set me thinking.  He said that for many people taking on food had become a necessity squashed between all our other committements and had therefore ceased to be a pleasure. I agree and I wondered what else in our lives has suffered this fate. What are you now doing as if it was routine, and even a chore, when previouly it was an enjoyable experience?

For some of us our work now falls into this category and for still others it will be your relationship with your extra special person and for some of us its actually about turning the radar up (or down) so that we notice things more that we used to take pleasure in. Like the view from your window. I rave about the view from my office window – Blencathra and Skiddaw in the distance 30 miles away when its clear – and I do regularly take time to gaze out with wonder.

So what are you looking at with jaded eyes that would benefit from a bit of eye wash? What are you rubbing along with that could be a better experience? What has lost its sparkle and pleasure for you? How will you put that back and restore the glow to your life?

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