Positive eating

I’ve had several conversations with people about food and diet over the last few days and concluded that anyone can eat in a more positive and conscious way. Most of us know what are the right things to eat, surely no-one has avoided the exhortations to eat less fat and sugar, more fibre, more fruit and veg, lots of healthy snacks and fewer pizzas!

Despite that we still fill ourselves up with rubbish. On Friday I had chocolate swiss roll for my dinner (a rare event I might add) 🙂  However when we start to think of ourselves as a human machine then we start to approach what we eat more positively.  Your mind and body are the most important tools that you have to achieve everything that you want in life so it pays us to look after them well.  You can change your relationship with food and change the way that you think about it.

The purpose of food is to keep us alive, not just alive but in peak condition, brimming with energy and also indulging in it should be a pleasurable experience.  So if you wanted your car in peak condition with great acceleration would you fill it full of rubbish petrol and oil?  I  think not.  So why do we do that with our bodies? If you focus on the nutritional value of what you are eating then you will soon find yourself feeling more energetic and better balanced. Also if you need to lose weight then don’t think about yourself as being on a diet, which sounds like a temporary thing. Think about yourself as being a healthy eater, tell yourself that is what you are and your food choices will naturally support that.

Start to eat more consciously, notice what your habits are and what are the things that push you into unhealthy eating. A friend of mine, Paul, noticed that every time he drank coffee he associated it with having biscuits. As soon as he chose tea instead of coffee that pattern was changed. How often have you eaten everything on your plate and not really noticed it.

Savour the flavour. Choose foods that you enjoy. Ask yourself how is this going to keep me in peak condition. And allow yourself treats, like chocolate swiss roll!  Eat positively!

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