Positive Practice

Here’s how to get this year off to the best start.

Think about some of the issues you had to deal with last year – however large or small they were. See if you can plot your responses to those changes on the change curve. Did you go through all the stages? Are there some stages where you got stuck? Which ones did you breeze through easily? Take your time to see if you can identify how you deal with different types of change – large vs small, started by someone else vs started by yourself. What patterns can you see?

Once you’ve got a picture of how you deal with different types of change, look at your life now – what’s coming up for you this year? What change might you have to deal with? A new job? A new house? A different relationship? A different haircut!? It can be anything you choose!

Now see if you can apply your change pattern to this upcoming change. If you usually stick your head in the sand when someone else suggests a change, think about what you can do to get through the denial stage more comfortably – what other information might you need about this change? If you’re great at experimenting with different options but never making a decision, who can you talk to, to run through all your ideas? Where can you get some support?

Taking the time now to understand how you best deal with change can really help you to feel more in control and stay more positive when new or unexpected change arrives – whatever shape or form it might be in. Finding that control is the first step to making this a really great year, no matter what happens.

Have fun!

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