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Here in the UK we have to have our cars tested for road-worthiness every year and because I do lots of miles I also get mine regularly serviced.  However we often fail to treat our bodies in the same way.  My body is the machine that is going to get me through life so I feel that I’d better look after it.  That means that it needs regular servicing and MOT and an occasional polish, just like my car.  And as my car is getting older I am finding that I am having to do more at each service.  More parts require attention. And my body is just the same. As I am getting older I am putting more effort into looking after it.  I was chatting with a friend the other day who observed that I needed to keep working as long as I could just to pay for all the specialists working on my body – the osteopath, chiropractor, physio etc etc

As we get older lots of things that we used to take for granted with our bodies do start to change, metabolism slows down, muscles start to decay, joints become stiffer and everything then becomes much more effort.  However it does not have to be that way.  You can make a decision today to look after your sole life machine even better than you do your car.  You can make a decision to service it every day with exercise, to keep it operating smoothly with regular stretching, to give it the best fuels to run with by eating and drinking well and to pep up that metabolic rate through regular aerobic workouts.  You sole life machine will reward you for this by giving you better performance every day and you can then give it a polish with a treat like a day out, new experience or just some relaxation time.

So when did you last go for your well woman or well man MOT?  Ring your GP today and get it booked then draw up your body servicing and maintenance plan to follow.  And if you need more motivation just keep reading this blog and sign up for my newsletter.

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