Making Dreams Come True

Last year one of my dreams came true. I clipped into my skis outside my back door and skied down into the town. Skiing from the back door is something I’ve waited a long time to do, now we have much warmer and less snowy winters. Although there have been times when we’ve had sufficient snow before, I’ve always been away from home. Everyone I passed thought I was daft but I really enjoyed it and got home glowing and warm from skinning back up the hill.

I was telling a friend the story and she said how lucky I was. Well surprisingly I don’t really believe in luck.

Either you’ve sent an intention out to the universe that has delivered what you wanted or it’s a combination of preparation meeting opportunity. I’ve been preparing for years; getting the right kit, learning the techniques, building confidence, watching and learning about the weather and the snow. And the opportunity was created because of the way that I’ve been managing my work. I’m having more concentrated periods of work and therefore longer periods at home.

So to create your own luck you need to be preparing so when that opportunity arises you are ready to jump right in.

What’s your heart’s desire? What are you doing now to be ready when that opportunity presents itself? What intentions are you sending out to the universe?

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