Look after yourself

Hey its late and I really must get some rest.  I will be in tip top condition tomorrow to write a new course that I am delivering online for a client I’ve been working with for some time. Yes they liked it so much they have asked me back!

Whilst I was away it was pretty full on.  I was 100% engaged with the group all day, debriefing what went well and rewriting content most nights. At times I got tired, really tired.  I knew though that in order to give my best to the women on the course I needed to look after myself.  So I was monitoring energy levels, doing relaxations, eating sensibly and drinking very little alcohol but lots of green tea and water.  My co-presenters and I were looking out for each other as well, as teamwork and support was really important, especially so far from home.

You will not give of your best if you are flagging and tired.  Listen to your body and know what sort of input it needs to keep it operating at peak performance.  And yes, if necessary, take a power nap.  They really work well.

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