Exhaust knocking?

This week I took the car in to get my exhaust sorted. It was a minor job, took them about half an hour. It had been knocking badly for ages,¬† I would notice it as I drove off, then forget it as soon as I got out of the car. But it was steadily getting worse, yet, despite this and knowing exactly what it was, it took me two months to sort it out. Now its great. It was so easy why didn’t I do it sooner?

There are many small and niggly things in life that we don’t sort out. Like your partner never filling the car with petrol, your mates fetching you the wrong sort of coffee, your kids inviting friends round on homework nights, your boss assuming you’ll do overtime cos you’re the only woman without children, your colleagues never topping up the paper in the printer. These little things can gnaw away at you leading to a flare up or can build into a bigger issue over time.

Think how much smoother your day will be if you deal with those small niggles and how easy they will be to address now rather than later.  Imagine how much stress you could remove with just small adjustments.

What small niggly issue are you dealing with today? How will you reward yourself when its sorted.

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