Every second counts

At the moment I’n reading a book about a back country ranger in one of the US national parks.  In the book there is a quote from Walt Whitman who wrote

To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakable perfect miracle

Now he was talking about being surrounded by the countryside in the national park in the 1930s but I think that this applies equally to us today.  The few seconds that you have just spent reading this are now lost to you and will never be regained.  Every minute of every day is a fresh opportunity.  Seize each one as it comes your way and appreciate each for what you can gain from it, give to it or use it for.  Make a positive decision to spend each minute wisely.

And if spending the minute wisely to you means being absorbed by the sound of your child laughing, losing yourself in your ideas for the future or just feeling the sun or wind on your face then thats fine.  In another minute those things will be history and new opportunities will present themselves.  In the next minute you might add up your weekly spending, read a life changing job advert or ask your boss for a pay rise.

Don’t be a victim of the passing time.  Choose wisely and positively how to spend those perfect miracle moments.

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