Be spontaneous

It’s great to be focused and have a plan to achieve your goals. Knowing where you are going keeps you moving in the right direction. Ticking off to-do lists, knowing what you have to achieve can be a great motivator.

However it’s also important to find time for spontaneity. We can start to feel hemmed in and restricted by sticking rigidly to our plans or not taking advantage of opportunities. Taking the spontaneous path can leave us refreshed and invigorated. We gain new momentum and encounter fresh ideas. Whatever else happens we get a beneficial change of environment and do things differently.

In the last day or so I’d been pretty productive, so I decided to have a break and go out. It was sunny here and I wanted to be outside. So I took my sacks and headed off to the wood to collect fire-lighting sticks as my stock was getting low. I was rewarded by the sight of a deeply coloured red squirrel scurrying away up a tree and several pheasants taking flight. The forest floor was really yielding with fallen leaves and there was lots of birdsong. When I got back I felt invigorated and ready to get on with all the things still waiting to be done.

What have you done spontaneously this week? What can you do today that you weren’t planning? How can you do spontaneity in small bursts of time?

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