What’s enjoyable?

We get in life what we focus on.  I really, really enjoy working to help women increase their confidence and get more out of life.  So much so that over the years I have sacked some of my clients, because I was not finding their work enjoyable.  This makes more space for me to focus on what was really important to me and suddenly my life seems much fuller and more exciting.  I sent out the intention and here I am, part of an international training team (YES that sounds good!).

Working with the women in Syria and Lebanon has been a lot of fun and really rewarding.  Many of them are bright and sparky characters. When I’ve been able to meet them, they almost all gave me a big hug at the end of the course. Now I get virtual hugs! I want to do more work like that, in which I can give stuff to people but they also give back to me.

Do what you enjoy – it shows.

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